CrossCulture Program in Germany 2024 | Fully Funded | CCP 2024

CrossCulture Program in Germany 2024 | Fully Funded | CCP 2024: The CrossCulture Program 2024 in Germany aims to fortify civil societies by offering a fantastic fully-funded fellowship in Europe to professionals or active volunteers from 40 countries worldwide. The goal is to foster an intellectual exchange of ideas and experiences. During this two to three-month program in Germany, participants collaborate with partner organizations under the guidance of world-class professionals. This exchange provides a platform for participants to deepen their skills, expand their expertise, and broaden their network by connecting with intellectuals from around the globe.

The CrossCulture exchange program presents an exceptional opportunity to come to Germany for free and engage in intellectual workshops and events hosted by CEE. This leadership and exchange initiative is spearheaded by the German Federal Foreign Office. It is designed to encourage professionals and dedicated volunteers to think beyond their cultural boundaries and actively contribute to the growth and development of their communities. An appealing aspect of the program is its ability to bring together professionals from various fields such as culture, education, science, medicine, and more, allowing them to collaborate and learn from each other.

The CCP Fellowships 2024 focus on key topics related to policy and society, media and culture, human rights and peace, and sustainable development. Individuals seeking to participate in this international exchange program must work in one of these areas and possess substantial experience and expertise in the respective fields. The fully-funded opportunity aims to equip change-makers and future leaders with robust skills and problem-solving methods to address local and global challenges within the specified focus areas.

Crucially, the CrossCulture Program 2004 can be either digital or on-site, depending on the prevailing COVID-19 situation and entry requirements. Nevertheless, the program’s value remains consistent. As a cultural exchange initiative for national and international professionals and volunteers, participants from diverse backgrounds share their ethnic and national cultures through various events and activities. Moreover, the program is crafted to ensure that fellows are committed to returning to their communities and contributing to their development by implementing projects based on the knowledge acquired during the cross-cultural fellowship in 2023. While exchanging their native culture with Europeans, participants also bring European culture and working models back to their home countries, creating a mutually beneficial program. Above all, cross-cultural fellows establish an enduring network with their alumni, maintaining lifelong connections and embodying the true essence of the cultural exchange and leadership program.

CrossCulture Program 2024 Germany:

Host Country:

  • Germany

Host Organization:

  • Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

CCP 2024 Duration:

  • 2 to 3 months.

Benefits of the CrossCulture Program Germany 2024:

  • The fellows will be provided with a monthly stipend of 550 Euros.
  • Round-trip airfare will be given to the participants.
  • The fellows will be given a monthly public transportation ticket.
  • Health insurance will be covered in this fellowship.
  • The visa costs will be reimbursed (if any).
  • The participants from Germany will receive a monthly stipend of 1200 euros as well as round-trip airfare, health issuance, and any visa fees incurred.

Eligibility Criteria of the CrossCulture Program 2024 in Germany:

  • The participant must be the national of the country given in the list.
  • Participants from Germany can apply.
  • The age of the participants must be at least 23 years at the time of the application.
  • The participants must have at least two years of professional experience in civil society organizations in their home country.
  • The applicant must be proficient in the English language and knowledge of the German language will be a plus point.
  • The applicant must be in good health.

How to Apply for the CrossCulture Program in Germany 2024?

  • The candidates have to apply online on the given application portal.
  • Make sure you have all the documents ready for upload.
  • Complete your application by providing relevant data and then upload your required documents.
  • Make your CV in the English language.
  • Prepare your letter of motivation in the given format.
  • Your letter of recommendation must also be formulated according to the given template.

CrossCulture Program 2023 Deadline:

  • The application deadline is 18 December 2023.

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