One Young World Refugee Scholarship 2023

The One Young World Refugee Scholarship 2023 is currently open for applications from passionate leaders who have experienced forced displacement or are refugees themselves. This fully funded scholarship offers an exciting opportunity for dedicated individuals to participate in the One Young World Summit in Belfast, UK. It covers all travel expenses, hotel accommodation, and meals, providing awardees with a unique chance to interact with renowned global leaders. In addition, successful applicants become lifelong members of the esteemed One Young World Ambassador community, gaining access to a network of like-minded individuals committed to creating positive change in refugee communities and developing their leadership skills. This life-changing experience fosters lasting connections and empowers scholars to contribute significantly to the well-being of those affected by displacement. Join the global movement that aims to inspire and empower change on a global scale.

The annual One Young World program brings together over 2,000 exceptional young leaders from various industries and countries worldwide, united by a common mission to accelerate social impact. Over the course of five days, participants engage in transformational workshops, networking sessions, and inspiring lectures. Esteemed figures from politics, business, and humanitarian work provide invaluable mentorship to delegates, hailing from 190+ countries, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to make a meaningful impact as agents of change. There is also an extraordinary opportunity to deliver keynote speeches, sharing the stage with international leaders and global media outlets. If you possess a genuine passion for making a significant impact in the world, this fully funded program in the UK is an ideal opportunity that should not be missed. It has the potential to be a life-changing experience, enabling you to pursue your aspirations and effect real change in society.

The fully funded One Young World Summit aims to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis, which has forcibly displaced millions of people due to conflicts, economic insecurity, climate challenges, and political instability. It underscores the need for collective action across sectors and governing bodies to effectively address this crisis. The program is designed to support and empower young leaders from diverse backgrounds, including those with refugee experiences, by providing them with the opportunity to participate in the highly esteemed One Young World Refugee Scholarship Program 2023 in Belfast, UK. Additionally, it emphasizes the lifelong benefits of joining the One Young World Ambassador community, offering access to mentorship, educational events, speaking opportunities, and funding prospects to further their personal and professional growth as leaders.

This fully funded conference is a life-changing opportunity for young refugees who are ready to step up as leaders and change-makers. Despite facing immense challenges in their quest for safety, security, and a better future, refugees possess remarkable resilience, creativity, and determination to overcome obstacles and make meaningful contributions to society. The One Young World Scholarship recognizes and celebrates this potential, providing a platform for young refugees to share their stories, connect with other leaders, and acquire the skills and resources needed to achieve their goals. We encourage all eligible candidates to consider this opportunity and submit their applications before the deadline. Together, we can create a world where all young people, regardless of their background or circumstances, have the opportunity to thrive and make a positive difference. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a meaningful impact – apply now!

One Young World Refugee Scholarship 2023:

Host Country:

United Kingdom

Duration of the Program:

  • The One Young World Summit will take place from October 1st to October 5th.

Benefits of One Young World Refugee Scholarship:

This scholarship offers a range of benefits to the selected candidates. Some of the key benefits include:

Interaction with global leaders:

  • You will get the opportunity to engage with renowned global leaders.

Access to One Young World Summit 2023:

  • As an awardee of this scholarship, you will have exclusive access to attend the One Young World Summit 2023 in Belfast, UK, from 2 to 5 October.

Free accommodation:

  • You will get free comfortable hotel accommodation in Belfast from 1 to 5 October, ensuring a fully immersive Summit experience.

Access to free meals:

  • You will get free meals during your time in Belfast.

Full coverage of travel expenditures:

  • As an awardee of this scholarship, all your travel expenses will also be fully covered.

Membership to one young world ambassador community:

  • You will obtain lifelong membership to the One Young World Ambassador community.

Long-time connections:

  • It will give you the chance to form long-lasting connections with other like-minded people.

Eligibility Criteria for One Young World Refugee Scholarship:

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria to be considered for One Young World Refugee Scholarship 2023.


  • Eligible applicants must have personal experience as refugees or be forcibly displaced from their homes.

Age Requirement:

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old during the One Young World Scholarship Program 2023.

Leadership Skills:

  • Strong leadership skills and recognition as community role models are essential qualities for applicants.


  • Candidates should demonstrate the ability to generate innovative solutions and make value-driven decisions.

Communication Skills:

  • Effective communication of impactful ideas is an important requirement for all candidates.

Commitment toward a change:

  • Applicants must exhibit a strong commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of refugee communities.

How to Apply for One Young World Refugee Scholarship 2023 in the UK?

To apply for the One Young World Refugee Scholarship 2023 in the UK, follow these steps.

  1. First, visit the official webpage of the program.
  2. You have to submit an online application.
  3. Carefully fill out the online application form with the required personal information.
  4. Provide your name, country name, email address, phone number, refugee status, and passport validity.
  5. Then answer the essay-based questions.
  6. Prepare your short biography. Write a concise description of yourself, including your current role, achievements, and any experiences related to forced displacement. You will have a limit of 200 words to complete this section.
  7. Explain how you have contributed to creating a positive impact for refugee communities. Describe your involvement, initiatives, and projects that have benefited refugees.
  8. Describe the effects of your work so far and try to approximate the number of individuals who have benefited from it.
  9. State your reasons for why you want to attend the One Young World Program 2023. Express your motivation, goals, and how attending the Summit will contribute to your personal and professional development.
  10. Submit your application before the deadline.

One Young World Summit Application Deadline:

  • The deadline to submit your application is June 12th, 2023.


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