Radboud Scholarship for International Students 2024

Radboud Scholarship for International Students 2024: Don’t pass up the opportunity to become an essential part of Radboud University, one of Europe’s premier institutions. The Radboud Scholarship for international students in 2024, located in the Netherlands, offers an exciting opportunity for those seeking admission to master’s programs. Its mission is to enhance the field of education through cutting-edge research and a dedication to quality education. The university boasts top-notch faculty and staff who guide and inspire students in making informed choices about their career paths. It envisions creating a diverse cultural community committed to driving positive global change.

The Radboud master’s scholarship program is designed to attract exceptional, highly motivated non-EEA students with outstanding academic records. These students will play a pivotal role in fulfilling the institution’s core mission, which involves making a significant impact through a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinary collaboration. This approach aims to address the complex challenges facing the world today. The Radboud University Scholarship in the Netherlands for international students underscores the institution’s commitment to contributing to a free and sustainable planet while promoting progress at both regional and international levels. This commitment is unwavering and extends to providing equal opportunities to all, regardless of gender, race, culture, nationality, or other socio-economic, political, or religious factors.

Radboud University is a renowned institution located in a vibrant community. According to the national student survey, the university’s students consistently rate it highly, with an overall score of 8.0 out of 10 and a 7.7 rating for its programs. Nijmegen, the university’s home city, is the second most attractive city for students in the Netherlands, and its students have achieved recognition, winning the Great Dutch Students Championship, making Nijmegen City the country’s premier student sports city. Furthermore, Radboud University boasts a higher percentage of female professors (29.6 percent) compared to the national average, and this diversity enriches the academic experience. The postgraduate scholarship program provides students with access to top-tier mentors, offering valuable benefits for both their academic and professional journeys.

Radboud University is a private institution dedicated to making a positive impact on the world’s sustainability. Its roots trace back to the Catholic emancipation movement in the twentieth century, and it continues to uphold core values of discipline, commitment, integrity, and identity among its members. Additionally, the university places a strong emphasis on caring for one another and empowering social and cultural minorities. It fosters strong connections among its staff, students, faculty, and various research disciplines. The university’s curiosity about people, the world, and the advancement of knowledge is a driving force behind its commitment to global sustainability. Furthermore, its reflective approach ensures that everyone’s contributions are valued when formulating and implementing the university’s strategic initiatives.

Radboud Scholarship for International Students 2024:

Host Country:

  • Netherlands

Host University:

  • Radboud University

Degree Level:

  • Master’s Degree Program

Benefits of the Radboud Scholarship in the Netherlands 2024:

  • The tuition fee differs depending on the Programme, you wish to enroll yourselves.
  • Applicants now pay only €2,530 in tuition fees, reduced from €17,000
  • Students of all nationalities are encouraged to work right after their studies.
  • The scholarship covers a residence permit.
  • It covers health and liability insurance.
  • It covers visa costs.

Eligibility Criteria of Radboud Scholarship in Netherlands 2024:

  • Candidates must hold non-EU/EEA passports.
  • Candidates must not be eligible for getting the lower EEA tuition fee.
  • Candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree from a university that lies outside the Netherlands.
  • Candidates must not have previous education achieved in the Netherlands.
  • The candidate must meet the English language proficiency requirement for the master’s program.
  • Candidates must be able to be fully admitted to the master’s Programme starting from 1st September 2024.
  • Candidates should be able to comply with the conditions for obtaining a Netherlands visa.
  • Candidates must enroll themselves as full-time students for the respective Programme.

How to Apply for the Radboud Scholarship in the Netherlands 2023?

  • The applicants have to apply online.
  • The applicants have to go to ” study programmers” and choose the category of “add new enrollment application.”
  • Select Radboud University as your educational institution.
  • Select Wo bachelor as the type of Programme you wish to study.
  • Select the premaster category and ensure that you have enrolled for the academic year 2024.
  • Applicants must complete the digital questionnaire.
  • Applicants must follow and complete the To-do list.
  • After completion of the application, candidates will receive the student card and proof of their enrolment.

Documents Required for the Radboud Scholarship in Europe:

  • Academic transcripts.
  • Passport details.
  • Detailed CV or resume.
  • Letter of motivation.
  • Two letters of reference.

Radboud Scholarship Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Radboud Scholarship Program in the Netherlands is 31 January 2024. 


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