UNS Scholarship for Students 2024 in Indonesia

UNS Scholarship for Students 2024 in Indonesia : Are you considering pursuing your studies in Indonesia? The UNS Scholarship for the year 2024 in Indonesia represents a remarkable opportunity that has opened its doors to you. This fully-funded scholarship is available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs. To secure this exceptional global scholarship, you must excel during the interview with the selection committee and carefully complete the application form, leaving a strong impression. The scholarship spans a maximum of 8 semesters for Bachelor’s degree programs, 4 semesters for Master’s degree programs, and 6 semesters for Doctoral degree programs. To maintain this scholarship for the entire duration of your program, you must meet the specified minimum grade requirements or adhere to the academic regulations set forth by Indonesian law.

The Universitas Sebelas Maret scholarship opportunity mandates that you obtain a letter of recommendation from the nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General. To do this, you will need to present the offer letter from UNS, along with your graduation certificate, academic transcripts, and passport, as evidence of your eligibility for the program you wish to enroll in. You are also expected to attend all lectures and actively participate in academic activities organized by the faculty, study program, and the university. Completing your studies within the stipulated scholarship tenure is imperative; failure to do so may require you to cover the expenses for any extended period of study personally.

This fully-funded international scholarship in Indonesia, spanning various fields of study, is intended to provide you with the opportunity to grow and contribute to the advancement of social, natural, and medical sciences on a global scale. Under this scholarship, students will gain familiarity with advanced equipment, methodologies, techniques, and tools. The UNS scholarship serves as an ideal platform for career-focused individuals, offering a supportive and transformative environment where they can enhance their proficiency in the Indonesian language, foster cultural understanding, and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

This full-cost scholarship is awarded through a competitive ranking process that assesses your standing in the academic landscape. UNS aspires to evolve into a global hub for the development of science, technology, and the arts while nurturing national values such as faith, devotion, justice, democracy, freedom, openness, sustainable development, partnership, equality, and more. Universitas Sebelas Maret is dedicated to delivering quality education that supports students’ personal and professional growth by equipping them with the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Furthermore, the institution emphasizes research that drives innovation and discoveries in various fields, all while actively engaging in community service programs with a focus on community development and empowerment.

UNS Scholarship for Students 2024 in Indonesia:

Host Country:

  • Indonesia

Host University:

  • Universitas Sebelas Maret.

Program Level:

  • Bachelor’s Level.
  • Master’s Level.
  • Doctoral Level.

UNS Indonesian Scholarship Duration:

  • UNS Bachelor’s Scholarships: 8 Semester
  • UNS Master’s Scholarships: 4 Semester
  • UNS PhD Scholarships: 6 Semester

Benefits of the UNS Scholarship for International Students 2024:

  • A tuition fee waiver is granted.
  • Living allowance per month as per the program you enroll in:
    • IDR 1,000,000 for Bachelor’s level.
    • IDR 1,250,000 for Master’s level.
    • IDR 1,750,000 for Doctoral level.
  • A breakfast meal in the student’s dormitory is provided.
  • Free Indonesian Language course is facilitated.
  • Accommodation of sharing room in students’ dormitory.

Eligibility Criteria of the UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024:

General Requirements:

  • Everyone with non-Indonesian citizenship can apply.
  • Must show a keen interest in getting a degree at UNS.
  • Should be passionate enough to attend an interview via video call.
  • Should not be possessing refugee status.
  • Should not be convicted of any crime.
  • Should have financial support.
  • Must complete and attach all the required documentation for perusal of the admission process.

Language Requirements:

  • Must have obtained the following score for TOEFL: minimum 450 for natural sciences programs, minimum 500 for social sciences programs, or must have obtained the equivalent score in academic language proficiency tests.
  • Must be ready to complete the Indonesian language course to attend the lectures at UNS.

How to Apply for the UNS Scholarship 2024 in Indonesia:

  • Applicants must visit the application website.
  • Download the offer letter from there.
  • Applicants can check and choose the program of their choice as per the available list.
  • Must upload the required documents in the Upload section.
  • Fill out the personal information.
  • You should print the registration card after submitting the documents.
  • You will be provided the letter of acceptance upon selection.

Selection Criteria for the UNS Fully Funded Scholarship 2024:

  • Decision of Administrative selection committee.
  • Qualifying for the Computer-based test.
  • Quality of your interview.

Documents Required for the Universitas Sebelas Maret Scholarship 2024:

  • Recent photograph.
  • Colored copy of passport with minimum 18 months validity.
  • Graduation certificate (either in English or Indonesian language).Ezoic
  • Academic transcripts (either in English or Indonesian language).
  • Health certificate (either in English or Indonesian language).
  • CV as per the provided template.
  • Financial statement as per the provided template.
  • Personal statement as per the provided template.
  • Indonesian language proficiency certificate.
  • English language proficiency certificate.
  • 2 letters of recommendation from your immediate supervisor, or professor.
  • Research proposal, if applying for a doctoral program.
  • Letter of motivation.
  • Recommendation letter from the Indonesian Embassy of your country.

UNS Scholarship Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the UNS Scholarship 2024 in Indonesia is 30 Oct 2023.


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