Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024

Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024: The Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024 presents a remarkable opportunity for students to enroll in an MBA program at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. The objective of the Cambridge MBA Scholarship is to contribute to the advancement and well-being of individuals by fostering a diverse global community committed to driving positive outcomes worldwide. In a time when the world is grappling with multiple crises, this scholarship represents a beacon of hope for both international and domestic students seeking the chance to study in the UK on a scholarship. Driven and gifted students are strongly encouraged to be part of this fully funded scholarship program, aligning with the mission and vision of the Boustany Foundation, which is dedicated to enhancing societal welfare.

Cambridge University, the fourth-oldest university globally, is situated in the heart of a major technology hub. The university is renowned for integrating education and business, and it enjoys a global reputation for nurturing innovation and creativity among its students, faculty, and collaborators. Its top-notch researchers engage with peers worldwide, thus establishing partnerships in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Impressively, 90% of students secure employment before completing their degree programs. With a diverse student body representing over 147 different nations, the university fosters a spirit of collaboration among individuals from various cultural, racial, religious, and socio-political backgrounds.

The Cambridge University Scholarship in the United Kingdom offers highly talented and driven students an opportunity to advance their career development while refining the skills they have acquired during their academic journey. It also encourages students to collaborate with peers of diverse perspectives, elevating their standing in the global community. As for the educational experience, it provides students with a quality-driven education under the guidance of top-tier mentors, a valuable asset for their academic and professional paths. Furthermore, this UK scholarship equips students with essential and professional skills to address critical societal challenges encompassing social, economic, cultural, and other aspects that affect the well-being of society.

Sponsored by the Boustany Foundation, the Cambridge University MBA Scholarship in Europe aims to promote harmony among global populations by enhancing mutual understanding, communication, and tolerance. Additionally, it fosters awareness and acceptance of different religions and cultures and helps ensure the dissemination of accurate information to individuals and their associates. Moreover, the foundation empowers disadvantaged children to lead fulfilling, productive, and healthy lives while providing them with practical social and learning skills, ultimately enriching the global workforce.

Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024:

Host Country:

  • United Kingdom

Host University:

  • Cambridge University

Degree Level:

  • Master’s Degree Program

Field of Study:

  • Business

Program Duration:

  • The program duration for the Cambridge University Scholarships in the United Kingdom 2024 is for one year.

Benefits of the Cambridge University MBA Scholarship, UK:

  • Financial aid amounting to 75% of the tuition fees
  • Traveling expenses and accommodation related to the internship will be provided.

Eligibility Criteria of Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024:

  • Applicants from all over the world can apply.
  • Candidates must have an excellent academic record.
  • Candidates should have four years of bachelor’s degree.
  • Excellent GMAT scores.
  • Admission Interview.

How to Apply For Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024?

  • The applicants have to apply online for the Cambridge MBA Programme.
  • Provide all your detailed personal information, e.g., name, address, date of birth, country, religion, etc.
  • Complete all the required fields for each level.
  • Upload scanned copies of documents in a specified format.
  • Applicants have to get a copy of the acceptance letter from the university to be attached to the admission application.
  • The applicants have to submit the application along with the documents at the following email address

Documents Required for the Cambridge University Scholarship 2024:

  • Copy of GMAT score report.
  • Passport details.
  • Detailed CV or resume with a photograph.
  • Academic Transcripts.
  • Acceptance letter from the University.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2022 in the United Kingdom is 15 May 2024.



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