ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023 in Switzerland

Are you an enthusiastic researcher seeking to refine your research skills? If so, the ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023 in Switzerland presents an ideal opportunity for you. This esteemed fellowship offers talented researchers who have completed their Ph.D. a chance to elevate their careers and contribute to groundbreaking research at one of the world’s leading universities.

ETH Zurich boasts a rich history of excellence in science, engineering, and technology, fostering an inspiring and collaborative environment for interdisciplinary studies. As a postdoctoral fellow, you will have the privilege of working alongside renowned professors, engaging in innovative projects, and shaping the future. This article provides all the necessary information to begin your application for this fully funded fellowship program.

ETH Zurich stands as a globally recognized institution, renowned for its remarkable accomplishments in science, engineering, and technology. Being part of ETH Zurich grants fellows access to cutting-edge facilities, resources, and vibrant research environments that encourage collaboration and innovation. Joining ETH Zurich promises to be a transformative experience. Working alongside distinguished professors and participating in groundbreaking research projects will expand your knowledge and enable you to make significant contributions to your respective fields.

One of the key advantages of the ETH Zurich scholarship in Switzerland is its emphasis on academic independence, allowing fellows to propose and pursue their own research projects while fostering creativity and intellectual growth. The diverse and international community at ETH Zurich creates ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. This fully funded international fellowship at ETH Zurich serves as a platform for personal and professional growth, equipping fellows with valuable skills and expertise that open doors to exciting possibilities.

The ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023 offers attractive benefits for successful candidates. Fellows will receive a fully funded salary in accordance with ETH Zurich standards, ensuring financial stability throughout their research endeavors. Additionally, they will receive CHF 10,000 per year to cover research-related expenses, providing necessary resources for their projects. Fellows will have the opportunity to collaborate with distinguished professors and researchers from around the world, benefiting from their expertise.

This international fellowship strongly encourages independent thinking, affording you the opportunity to propose your own research ideas and showcase your research capabilities. Joining the ETH Zurich community means becoming part of a vibrant network of scholars. The fellowship provides access to state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with advanced research tools. It also offers allowances for travel and mobility, enabling fellows to attend conferences and workshops. Beyond their research, fellows can explore Switzerland and indulge in its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Do not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to apply for the ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship! This prestigious program offers a platform for talented postdoctoral researchers to propel their careers to new heights. The ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship lasts for two years and cannot be extended. It is a highly competitive program, with only a limited number of fellowships awarded annually.

The fully funded scholarship program strongly encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds and all genders to apply, underscoring its commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity. If you are a highly dedicated scientist with a strong desire to make a meaningful impact in the world, this opportunity is tailor-made for you. Join the esteemed researchers at ETH Zurich and set yourself on a path to transform your career. Take a decisive step forward and unlock a world of endless exciting opportunities awaiting you.

ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023 in Switzerland:

Host Country:


Host University:

ETH Zurich

Duration of Fellowship:

  • The duration of the fellowship is 2 years.

Subjects Covered by ETH Fellowship:

  • ETH Fellowship welcomes applicants from all areas of study.

Advantages of ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023:

The ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023 offers a range of benefits to the selected candidates. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Fellows’ salaries will be fully covered based on ETH Zurich standards.
  • Fellows will receive CHF 10,000 per year for research-related expenses.
  • Fellows will receive an allowance for travel and mobility/.
  • This fellowship will be covering additional expenses.
  • Fellows will get to work alongside renowned professors and researchers from around the world.
  • Fellows will have access to world-class laboratories.
  • Fellows will get the opportunity to explore Switzerland.

Eligibility Criteria for ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria to be considered for the ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship program:

  • Applicants must have completed their Ph.D. at a university other than ETH Zurich University or the University of Zurich within two years before the deadline.
  • Candidates who are still working towards their Ph.D. must provide a certificate signed by their advisor or department chair stating when they plan to defend their thesis.
  • Applicants should not have lived or done their main work or studies in Switzerland for more than twelve months in the three years before the deadline.
  • Applicants must not have spent more than six months doing their main work or studies at ETH Zurich or the University of Zurich in the last three years.
  • Applicants must have at least one scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • If eligible applicants do not meet these requirements, they will be rejected.

Documents Required for ETH Zurich Fellowship in Switzerland:

Here’s the list of the following documents needed to apply for the ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship in Switzerland:

  1. A copy of passport:

A copy of the passport is required.

  1. Research Project Description:

A detailed description of the research project, including the specific role is required from the candidate. The project should also explain how it connects to the ongoing research in the host group.

  1. Detailed CV:

A detailed CV of the candidate, including a list of publications and a recent photograph, is needed.

  1. Host Professor’s CV:

A brief CV of the host professor is also required.

  1. Motivation letter:

A motivation letter of a maximum of one page is required.

  1. Invitation Letter by Host Professor:

An invitation letter from the host professor is needed, emphasizing the candidate’s excellence and suitability for the fellowship.

  1. Certificate of Defense:

If the candidate has not yet completed their doctorate, a certification of the planned defense date signed by the advisor or department chair should be included.

  1. Reference Letters:

Two reference letters for the candidate need to be emailed directly to the Grants Office by the referees. The reference letters should be sent at least 10 days before the submission deadline.

How to Apply for ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023 in Switzerland?

  1. Applications must be submitted electronically in PDF format using the ETH Zurich grant application system, called eResearch.
  2. The project description template can be downloaded from the respective page.
  3. Applications must be submitted jointly by the candidate and a potential host, who should be an ETH Zurich professor willing to act as the mentor.
  4. Each professor can submit only one candidate in each evaluation round.
  5. Priority will be given to applicants proposing their projects, emphasizing academic independence.
  6. Applicants should generate their ideas and draft the application themselves.

Note: The applicant and mentor should not have had significant prior collaboration before the fellowship.

ETH Zurich Scholarship Application Deadline:

  • The deadline to apply for the fellowship is 1 September.


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